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I don't like Mondays

2008-11-09 22:50:21 by WingCommand

Mondays suck. I wish they would go away.


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2008-11-10 15:34:30

Garfield much? I hate Tuesdays because it will be the middle of school/work/university days. Days go by and what not.


2008-11-16 17:08:50

Wednesdays are the second worst.

WingCommand responds:

Everyday of the week except Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Sunday is an exception though, because it brings Monday.


2008-11-26 20:34:09

I don't like your picture.
And I don't like you.

Commie bastard.

WingCommand responds:

Did you know I'm cuban? I could care less, I have my cigars to smoke with my russian buddies.

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