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2009-02-25 14:55:58 by WingCommand

Sometimes, I wish I was a whore.


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2009-06-14 16:24:46

Three, sometimes I wish I lived in the sea.

WingCommand responds:

I should make a song with this. ©©©©©©OH EMM GEE, DIS IDEA IS COPIRYGHT©©©©©©©©© SEE!! LOOK COOPYRIGHTED. ©©©©©©©©


2009-06-14 16:31:18

im fucked man

shit, n***as took over my block n shit

i used to own this motherfuckin town u know wut im sayin

i used to be the definition of this motherfuckin hood

when ppl thought about ma hood, they thought about me

motherfucker i dunno wot im gonna do homie

mothafuckaz have taken over ma turf, shit u eva played saints row 2 bro?

im in the same muthafuckin position bro, imma need som help to get the saints back on top homie

imma offer u a top position, we used to own dis town bro, we aint sum wannabe gang bro

sho, we aint got no1 anymo, but shit n***a, we still got the muthafuckin name bro

so i want u to think about ma offer, so we can take back WHATS OURS N***A!


WingCommand responds:

Gangsta fo' lyfe.


2009-07-08 20:14:32

wishes can come true